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Sydney Harbour Research Program


The Sydney Harbour Research Program (SHRP) is an innovative collaboration of researchers from a range of disciplines that carries out key research to explore, enhance and restore the diverse species and habitats within the harbour.


SHRP delivers scientific data and expertise to help policy makers, managers, stakeholders and the public understand Sydney's unique waterways. By blending innovative techniques with a collaborative research structure, we are able to provide the best scientific information to successfully enhance our iconic waterways.

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Harbour Outreach

SIMS invites you to connect with our scientists and discover the secrets of the marine environment at your doorstep. Join us to explore the wonders of our unique marine and coastal ecosystems and to learn more about the research programs at SIMS. From scientist presentations and tours, public talks and guided walks to hands-on field and laboratory workshops for grades K-10, we offer programs for people of all ages and backgrounds. 


About Sydney Harbour

Sydney Harbour is inarguably Australia's most iconic estuarine system. As the inimitable backdrop to Australia's most populous city, it is renowned for its natural beauty and outstanding recreational opportunities. Under the surface, the harbour is home to diverse habitats, animals and plants, is a global hotspot for biodiversity and supports important recreational and commercial fisheries. With increasing urbanisation and a growing human population, the unique ecology of Sydney Harbour is facing numerous threats. The Sydney Harbour Research Program aims to provide the best scientific information to enhance the health of this iconic aquatic region.

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