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News no tags 15 Sep 2021

Living Seawalls - A Royal Foundation Earthshot Prize Finalist

Living Seawalls - A Royal Foundation Earthshot Prize Finalist - Reviving Our Oceans

We are thrilled to announce that Living Seawalls has joined The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge’s Royal Foundation Earthshot Prize Family - one of only three finalists in the world selected in the oceans category of the most ‘prestigious environmental prize in history.’

The Earthshot Prize is the most ambitious and prestigious of its kind – designed to incentivise change and help to repair our planet over the next ten years.

In a decade of action the prize will bring together funders, businesses and individuals to maximise impact and take solutions to scale; to celebrate the people and places driving change; and to inspire people all over the world to work together to repair the planet.

Taking inspiration from President John F. Kennedy’s Moonshot which united millions of people around an organising goal to put man on the moon and catalysed the development of new technology in the 1960s, The Earthshot Prize is centred around five ‘Earthshots’ – simple but ambitious goals for our planet which, if achieved by 2030, will improve life for us all, for generations to come.

Revive our Oceans is one of those “Earthshots”.




Over the past six months, The Earthshot Prize, in collaboration with its Global Alliance network of over 200 Nominators, has been searching the world – from businesses to governments, grassroots initiatives and more – for solutions to these challenges and identifying a final set of astounding innovations from every corner of the globe.


Living Seawalls, a flagship project of the Sydney Institute of Marine Science has been selected in that final set of outstanding innovations for Reviving Our Oceans.

One of only three finalists, the project is led by a dynamic, all-female team of scientists from Macquarie University, UNSW Sydney, and SIMS, with industrial design expertise from Reef Design Lab, Melbourne.


As a project that lies at the intersection of ecology, architecture, design and engineering, Living Seawalls is a fabulous 'Earthshot' demonstrating how science is translated into action to repair our planet.  

The announcement of finalists by Prince William  was an inspirational celebration of the Earthshot Finalists and an outstanding recognition of Living Seawalls commitment  to realising the potential to increase the environmental, and social worth of coastal structures by designing with nature in mind.  


We are immensely grateful to all our supporters,  those who saw and continue to see how Living Seawalls is Reviving our Oceans. We thank you for your genuine enthusiasm for the project.  We hope you share our excitement for all that this recognition celebrates and promises and we look forward to "being a part of the Earthshot family".

The announcement of winners in each category will be made on 17th October.