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The broad geographical reach of the East Australian Current (EAC) influences the climate and marine economies of nearly half of the Austalian population.


The poleward flowing EAC brings warm water down the New South Wales (NSW) coast modulating the region's climate as well as the composition, organisation and function of marine ecosystems.

The EAC and its eddies  dominate the marine environment on the narrow, NSW continental shelf.  NSW-IMOS focus is on processes north and south of the separation zone off Coffs Harbour and Sydney, 

The key research aims pertinent to NSW-IMOS are:

  • To contribute to national observations of decadal changes and climate variability of the EAC using common platform and metrics
  • To investigate the EAC, its seperation from the coast and the resultant eddy field along the coast of SE Australia 
  • To quantify oceanographic processes on the continental shelf and slope off eastern Australia south of the Great Barrier Reef
  • To investigate the ecosystem response with oceanographic processes 
Contact NSW IMOS

Node Leader
Assoc Prof Justin Seymour
University of Technology, Sydney

NSW Operator Representative
Mark Scognamiglio 
General Manager, SIMS

Sydney Institute of Marine Science 
Mosman, NSW Australia 
+61 02 9435 4600