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SIMS Work Experience Program

When: November

SIMS is unable to accept work experience students outside of the designated week.

About the Program

Marine science is a vast and dynamic field incorporating a broad range of scientific disciplines and specialisations. Researchers at the Sydney Institute of Marine Science conduct multidisciplinary marine research across the core research themes of urbanisation, biodiversity, climate change, ocean resources, and marine management.

The Sydney Institute of Marine Sciences’ work experience program aims to provide secondary students with insight into the types of work performed by marine scientists, educators and technical support staff, as well as providing an opportunity for students to become familiar with some of Sydney’s surrounding marine environment.

Who will benefit from work experience at SIMS?

If you are a high school student (NSW year 10) with a keen interest in science and a passion for marine and coastal environments, the Sydney Institute of Marine Sciences’ annual one-week work experience program may be of interest to you.

This unique opportunity will allow you to explore the diverse world of marine science through engaging in field research, laboratory analysis and science communication tasks, alongside some of the industry’s leading marine researchers.

How to Apply

Due to the popularity of this program and the limited number of placements available, entry into the program is via a formal application process. Please email an Expression of Interest to info@sims.org.au, and once applications are open (usually mid-June), an email aknowledgement will be sent to all students who have expressed interest in participating in the program. 

This email will outline the application process and will include the application form that students are required to complete in order to be considered for placement.