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Primary School Opportunities

Living a Life Less Plastic: Four Week Sustainability Unit


Students will investigate environmental issues relating to plastic use and disposal, in a four week program designed to develop independent thinking, scientific investigation and creative problem solving.
Week 1

Introduction to the program, giving an overview of the life cycle of plastic and its impact on the environment, and explaining the individual research projects the students will undertake during the coming 4 weeks.

Week 2:

Explanation on how government policy initiatives can have a huge impact on plastic consumption using case studies in Container Deposit Legislation and/or plastic bag bans, followed by a creative, art-based lesson to demonstrate the magnitude of plastic use in our society, and discuss how the unique properties that make plastic such a versatile material leave long-lasting, adverse imprints on our marine environment.

Weeks 3 and 4:

Students will visit a beach to take sand samples, which will be analysed at school the following week in a hands-on experiment on micro-plastics. During the same excursion students will also collect plastic debris and record the data in the CSIRO/Teachwild national marine debris study.

Sydney Institute of Marine Science scientists will deliver a lesson on micro plastics and floating plastic pollution that includes live animal demonstrations and hands-on activities.

Outcomes addressed


ENS3.5 demonstrates an understanding of the interconnectedness between Australia and global environments and how individuals and groups can act in an ecologically responsible manner.


ST3-4WS investigate by posing questions, including testable questions, making predictions and gathering data to draw evidence-based conclusions and develop explanations

ST3-13MW describes how the properties of materials determine their use for specific purposes


EN3-2A composes, edits and presents well-structured and coherent text. Price: $5 per student


For program details and bookings please contact education@sims.org.au