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Is there plenty of fish in the sea?

Duration: 1.5 hours

Suitability: Stage 5 Science/Geography/Marine Studies


Our marine ecosystems are under increasing and competing demand for their services and products, with overfishing of our fisheries resources being one of the greatest threats to the sustainability of our oceans. Seafood sustains billions of people and is the largest traded food commodity in the world, making seafood a major contributor to global food security. To ensure that there’s fish for the future, Australia’s fisheries and marine ecosystems need to be effectively managed to remain sustainable.


In this hands-on workshop, students will learn and utilise the procedures utilised by fisheries scientists to evaluate the health and population status of key wild catch fish stocks.


Students will perform a dissection of a fish to extract the otolith to learn how scientists analyse and use the information contained within this structure to determine the health and population structure of the species. The data gathered through this procedure is central to determining the status of NSW fisheries stocks and informing fisheries management in NSW and globally.


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