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Marine Microbial Biotoxins Facility

The Australian Research Facility for Marine Microbial Biotoxins is a specialist laboratory that was formed through a collaborative partnership between scientists from the University of NSW, the University of Technology Sydney, The University of Tasmania, the SIMS Foundation and the Cawthron Institute (New Zealand). 


The centrepiece of this facility is a liquid chromatography coupled with high resolution Thermo Scientific Q Exactive mass spectrometer (LC-MS), a screening platform used to analyse and quantify marine chemical compounds at ultra-trace quantities against complex sample backgrounds.




We provide services for the quantitation of molecules including marine biotoxins, metabolomic profiling, and molecular formula confirmation (HRMS). This facility is run by a specialised chemist. We can conduct all sample processing and analysis, or train research students enrolled at our partner universities to conduct this work.




To find out more about this facility, prices and the instruments available, please contact

Dr Chowdhury Sarowar.