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Saving Our Sea Lions Public Lecture

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Public Lecture - Saving our Sea Lions

Dr Rachael Gray, University of Sydney 


While sealing stopped in Australia in the 1920s, population numbers have taken a long time to recover and the Australian sea lion  is listed as endangered by the International Union for Conservation of Nature.

"Losing sea lions is not just an unacceptable loss of another Australian mammal, but has wider consequences for the ecosystem, as sea lions are top-end predators, so their numbers effect the numbers of many other species of animals in the ecosystem." said Dr Gray.


To understand why our Australian sea lion numbers are decreasing and what we can do to help them recover, in July this year, Dr Gray and her team set up a world-first trial treating and then monitoring sea lion pup health and mortality on Kangaroo Island, South Australia.

The results of their experiment will be transformative in the wider context of preserving an endangered species by developing an effective disease and conservation management tool 

When we asked Rachael to do this lecture she jumped at the chance to share her knowledge around the conservation of sea lions. She and her team are passionate about this most iconic and charismatic marine mammals. 

We're confident you will be too after joining us for this fascinating lecture.  

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